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The following is what the module produces after you configure it and place it in your web site.


Default style

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Button Count style

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Box Count style

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Do you need to allow your visitors to do 'Like' your content ? No problem, the solution is simple and called 'FaceLike Button Module'.

Use the FaceLike Button Module to add a like button, in your Joomla page. This module also is able to allow you to add a 'Send' button, so your visitors are able to send/recommend your page to friends they have chosen.

Good huh!

Even better it is very simple to use. This module, does not require any programming skill. You just download the module, install the module, configure and you are done.

Also, this module is already internationalized, and comes with 8 languages pre-installed.

The available languages are:

  • English
  • Greek
  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • France
  • Italian
  • Chinese

Note : Except the English and Greek, the other languages has been translated with Google Translate service. Thus, some of the other languages may requiring corrections.

To get extra information like installation instructions, you can always visit the project home page.

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